Real Estate Litigation

Disputes in the context of real estate transactions arise for many reasons. A counterparty, be it a purchaser or seller, may not fulfill or comply with his/her/its obligations, as provided for in a contract of sale or similar agreement. Similarly, certain material disclosures concerning a property, whether residential or commercial, may not have been made in the course of negotiations, only to be discovered following the closing. In these and related circumstances, the aggrieved party may have the legal right or authority to take action against his/her/its counterparty seeking monetary damages  and/or related relief, including possible rescission of the parties' underlying contract of sale or agreement. At Law Offices Stuart L. Melnick, LLC, we litigate real estate disputes of all kinds, both in court and in the context of arbitration. Mediating real estate disputes likewise has become more common, and is a medium we have used with increasing frequency to obtain favorable and expeditious results for firm clients.