Corporate Law

At Law Offices Stuart L. Melnick, LLC, we regularly advise both public and private corporations, their respective officers, directors, and controlling shareholders, in connection with a wide variety of legal issues, ranging from business formation, corporate governance and day-to-day legal operations. The advice we are customarily called upon to provide involves such diverse matters as the proper conduct of the board, its directors, and its committees, executive compensation, shareholder agreements relating to board representation and voting rights, compliance with Federal and state regulations affecting the client's particular industry, commercial contracts with the corporation's customers and suppliers, the corporation's sale of securities, relations with the corporation's accountants, commercial bank lenders and investment bankers. We also provide advise and counsel to our corporate clients in connection with contemplated or existing joint ventures, communications with shareholders, creditors, and customers, as well as with respect to the preparation of any required periodic filings to be made with the SEC and proxy statements and similar materials to be distributed to shareholders.