Civil Litigation

The process of suing someone in court is known as civil litigation. Lawsuits can involve a wide array of legal issues including contract, employment, intellectual property, partnership and real property laws. Civil litigation is complicated because the parties must understand the substantive law that applies to their situation as well as the procedural rules which govern how each side presents its case to the court. Ideally, both sides should be represented by an attorney who will strongly advocate for their position and help ensure that their rights are protected.

At Law Offices Stuart L. Melnick, LLC, we handle a wide variety of civil disputes, including business and corporate litigation, breach of contract and fiduciary duty cases, employment disputes, intellectual property disputes, entertainment and royalty disagreements, First Amendment, Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment disputes, and other business and related matters.  We also are skilled in complex commercial litigation, including copyright and trademark disputes, civil fraud actions, securities litigation, and actions brought under the he Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly known as "RICO"). 

To better serve our clients, we maintain a network of counsel attorneys with years of experience navigating the court system, who focus on specific areas of litigation, mediation, and arbitration.